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New Century Grand Hotel Kaifeng is five-star hotel belongs to New Century Group; The hotel islocated at the former site of the famous royal garden JinMing Lake of North Song dynasty, holds 54000 square meters; As the first five-star hotel in Kaifeng,it includes room, food & beverage,recreational, business, tour and so on. We have 355 rooms, there are over 1,300 seats. We have advanced Gymnasiums, swimming pool...More>>

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  • lbrrbrr
    Environmental service
  • fjly168
    In the country, near the five-star brand was far away from
  • ionian
    Which is very nice
  • freeallday
    Nice, next to Lake, air temperature and humidity, suitable for leisure
  • yangsel
  • lljjpp2800
    The living area six, is always good!
  • jason07032008
    Recommended is a good, low price point would be better
  • crystalwang19
    Hotel services are in place, all are very good, and stay there again.
  • jing114
    Booked deluxe room with lake view, room was large, well. next choose this
  • Libbyyan
    Elegant environment, it is worth staying
  • MA LIN
    Good good good good good good good good.
  • jimmyjun
    Worthy of the best local hotels and facilities are perfect, the breakfast is also very good, next time will choose here!
  • ---At
    Hotel hardware should said can, old, river corridor health poor, especially room formaldehyde taste is heavy, because I on taste allergy, so feel special not comfortable, staying Shi I has requirements smoke-free room, but to hotel front desk Shi has a thin thin of female waiter said we no smoke-free room, only do smoke-free processing, and only live a floor, other floors are to added money, too degrees bad, later we for has a male waiter what are didn't said directly Ann program handle staying 2 floor room, actualOther floors can give us, not just the 1/f, in short, bad reviews, this hotel is not recommended for live, 570-breakfast is not included, prices are low,
  • ebibo864
    As always, good environment
  • dodo_jojo
    Nice five-star hotel than most five star hotel services in place
  • acg_01
    Pretty good
  • dj372188
    Yes, very nice
  • Gingercat
    Absolutely child friendly hotel. We got a family room with toys, babybed and kids decor. During breakfast our daughter could play in the childrens corner. About 10 minutes by car to the city center.
  • demusian
    Pretty good
  • james2004
    Beautiful, comfortable and child like.
  • wmtaugust
    Which is very nice
  • say1314
    Really nice, good facilities, nice scenery around! good service, no bother, quiet, can guarantee the rest!
  • e05909731
    Good, clean, service or
  • fengyuan5200
    Second stay at, Yes, than is the balcony of the living room for the first time.
  • mitingling
    Nice, the environment is also good, but relatively mainstream star slightly less hardware, but individuals are recognized
  • e05338396
    Hotel hardware is good, the rooms are big enough. is the lobby and restaurant is too much, some noise.
  • didi1024
    Very well, you can look out at the Lake, it was very good!
  • gavycui
    Hotel facilities, service, breakfast, environment and location are good, design style and is very similar to the Holiday Inn Sanya Bay Resort, will be admitted in the future.
  • graveyy
    Lake view no lighting effects, unfortunately, is quite good
  • cxcacxca
    Never before, a lot of expensive.
  • Leannals
    Facilities obsolete equipment, room balcony, close to the scenic Lake, hotel location!
  • againlin
    Because husband of hotel control, first days live of 300 of he too I set poor has, this set has 5 star of Kaiyuan 700 enough good has's, results also is so old, after all opened so years has fundamental not now five-star standard, also so your, carpet a unit taste, ceiling so high so simple so old, no warm can statements, then bathroom, bathtub took not water, side put side leak, shower spent sprinkled too ugly has, so rotten, also is broken of, put I meat also prick has, has figureTablets, you a five-star hotel, wash supplies so simple, is a bottle bathing dew and shampoo, other Samsung are has nursing sent and run skin cream of, also has hair dryer machine not for words also have wipe wipe clean's, are stick hand has. to money can understanding, health make well's, addition balcony also clean about's! too disappointed has, Kaifeng of line two days!
  • elisa162
    Hotel environment, facilities can also. but the price is high.
  • cxs11
    Nice hotel, location, the external environment is also very good, my only regret is the facility into old, there is room within the health areas that still need improvement.
  • doyen2000
    Big rooms, good service
  • gyj Jingjing
    Breakfast very good, Wi-not!
  • c0nfig
    Which is very nice
  • comiccat
    Which is very nice
  • e01369681
    Hotel room clean facilities, restaurant taste is also good, staff very good, very convenient for travel, dining shopping around is very convenient, hotel sanitation is also very good, worth recommending! will choose the next time!
  • soso_so
    As always, good
  • ACF004
    Okay it is good hotel
  • benbenbaibai
    Kaifeng city, preferred hotels, services and facilities are in place.
  • MONA little break
    That's good
  • e01115108
    Hotel in Kaifeng of West, relative more partial, benefits is compared quiet, landscape also good, in has opened of Kaifeng of hotel in is good of has. lobby compared petty, front desk of efficiency also compared General, to of when is at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, handle staying of more,, has good long time. health status also line, breakfast also said of past, General for no color of place also no bad of performance.
  • ljnet
    Lack little details
  • lixiaowei2
    Hotels are good, is a Lake outside the window, Nice. the hotel clean, service is very good, very satisfied!
  • aynrsfm
    Second, like a hotel environment. hotel facilities some old, bit with the breakfast service, people over more than a waiter overwhelmed the ... overall okay.
  • csources
    Well, what facilities are very good, service or
  • firstapple
    Overall pretty good, should be opening the best hotel!
  • e01971634
    Caught up with rain, hotel around four or five article Street blocking died, we 18:30 to Zheng open junction, more go has four article Street are open not past, 2.5 hours Hou, put car stopped in distance hotel a km outside of place, for Shang slippers, trip with didn't had knee of, floating with corruption leaves and dog shit of water go to hotel of. into has Hotel quickly shower, today morning feel leg also in itch does! arrived Kaifeng of names Hotel view sea's! everyone! OK hotel service also good! to everyone good see daysGas forecast considering the order do not book this hotel again!